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People, you know me – this subject’s near and dear to my heart so I’ll just come out and say it – if you are serious about your business and it’s not just a hobby, you need to pay a professional to design and build your website. Not your neighbor, or an intern you happened upon, or a friend, or your child **. Even if they seem to know what they are about there are pitfalls that could damage all these relationships.

A Website Is Part of Marketing

Your website is a marketing tool, part of an overall strategy. In order to attract, then keep, the attention of your ideal clients it needs to score on the following:

  • Attract people in the first place (duh)
  • Speak directly to them about what it is they want/need/value
  • Hold their attention for longer than 3.5 seconds
  • Convert them into paying customers – you do want new customers and clients?

Can your neighbor/intern/friend/child do all of the following:

  • Help you clarify just who your ideal customer or client is
  • Put in the required time to research just where they live on-line
    (assuming of course they are on-line!)
  • Understand SEO to determine the language they use and therefore your keywords
  • Write the kind of site content that will attract and hold their attention
  • Assist you with lead capture options so you can turn them into paying customers
  • Grasp the nuances of analytics information aiding content changes to increase conversions
  • Stay with you over time so the site stays up to date and dynamic

… if so, let ‘em give it a go.

Invest in your business by investing in your website

The truth for many small businesses is that it can be a challenge to pull together the cash-flow or resources to cover the cost of a professional website. Another truth would be to recognize that having a website that looks great and works right is an investment in bringing in business for the future. Ask Jay Designs how we can help you with that cash flow issue, we think you will like the answer.

Why might you choose not to invest in a website that would bring more customers and clients? Probably because as a profession we webby folks likely didn’t do a good enough or compelling enough job of presenting how critical the points are on that list up there! And possibly your experience of the industry standard of 50% up front and 50% when live! Would 30% up front and 12 months to pay be helpful?

So, do you have A Crappy Website? You may not know, although if it’s not bringing in business that would be a good first pointer! Here are a few things to ask yourself;

  • When was any content last changed or added? Answer should be regularly & recently
  • Does it reflect your business/brand?
  • Does it really say what it is you do to help people, why they should choose you over your competitors?
  • Does it match up to the QUALITY of goods and services you offer?
  • Is there a blog component – and is someone working on it?
  • Do you have the option and the ‘know how’ to make changes or add content, even if only simple stuff?
  • Do you ask for emails (lead capture) so you can send out newsletters and specials, etc?
  • Are there sharing options so your site visitors can tell their social media peops about you?
  • Dig deep here – do you cringe when you see it?

Doing business depends on relationships, however brief. Whether you offer products or services, once people hear about your business I can assure you they’ll check out your website. If your answer to any of the above questions doesn’t line up positively, chances are you’ll lose a sale.

SONY DSCEven in our sophisticated modern world first impression instincts are always there and, of course, nobody has time! You get just about 3.5 seconds to make that first impression on the web! Is your website in sync with your business image and standards, and aimed at your ideal clients? Think about that when you are considering the cost of your business home on the internet. Then call US – 865 966 3271

** I realize there’s a chance you have an adult child in the web industry but business and family don’t always mix well!

If you are considering talking to a developer, here’s how to be prepared.