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The new buzz words on everyone’s lips, true.  But like all jargon – what does it mean?

As I’m often heard to say “LIKING is Lovely – COMMENTS are Cool – SHARING IS STUPENDOUS!”

Inbound Marketing“Inbound Marketing” is about creating great content, on social media and on the web generally with your blog or website, so that people get to know and like your stuff, and then share it with their friends. The trick is to create the kind of content that your ideal client wants to see, know, read, and most important, share. The aim of “inbound” is to attract your dream customers to your door, whether that be a local or internet venue, give them what they need and want, and then keep them coming back to look for more information, offers, coupons, whatever it is that turns them into paying clients.

However, another secret of success is to produce that great content in the form and fashion they want, on the medium and device they want to use to access it, AND at the time that suits them. Like everything else on the web it’s about you and your products but it is always, always, ALWAYS, for them not for you.

4 things to rinse and repeat:-

  1. appeal to people who are likely interested in your business products and services,
  2. persuade them to take more interest in some way,
  3. win them over as paying customers,
  4. treat them like royalty

Oh and don’t forget to keep existing customers in the loop so they will tell all their friends! Step one is aimed at finding new people (prospects) but your existing customers are gold – they already know, like & trust you!

So, that gives you an answer to the question and some tips for taking action. All that’s needed now is just that, ACTION. If all that seems daunting, check out Web Mentoring from Jay Designs, we can walk with you through the process, help with a calendar, tracking your numbers, etc.

If you really want to take your marketing to the next level and you have the budget, try Hubspot, they have everything you need and more.

Go for it – J