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What is going on with Google? Actually there’s a number of things, and they’ve been around a while, however, one issue is now becoming urgent. I know more money to be spent, let me explain:

  1. SSL Certificates

If your website is not secured behind an SSL Certificate and the address is not showing that green padlock, browsers like Chrome are more likely to tell viewers not to go look at your site!

Did you know more than 80% of internet users use Chrome?

If a site doesn’t have an SSL Certificate Google is going to start flagging your website ‘Not Secure’ in the URL bar.

Google loves its users, and their data, and is coming up with ways to help us feel more secure. It announced it’s intention to flag all the unencrypted sites as ‘unsafe’ by the end of 2017! I don’t think they are there yet but it won’t take long.

If you already host with Jay Designs Inc an SSL certificate is available at no cost, the catch this time is there is a cost to updating the site. All the content needs to be checked for links that need to be updated to reflect the HTTPS:// designation.

If you host elsewhere getting an SSL certificate is not hard however most hosts charge for installation. The site will still then need to be updated to reflect HTTPS on all those hard coded URLs.

Want more info about what an SSL certificate is and does – check this post, I found it very straight forward.

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