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CalendarTips5Google Calendar has many features and they are all useful, what I love is how much you can customize what you do with it to fit your needs and those of your business here are MY TOP 5. The thing to note is these are in no particular order, I use all of these almost every day;

Color Coding – this me trying to a) balance the work I do in my business and what I do for my business, b) for myself both personally and for business development, and c) trying to make sure I don’t forget stuff (they would be the red ones) Or worst still ignore them!! This is my attempt at balance.

CalendarSearchSearch – my memory is like a sieve these days and I foten wonder if I remembered to put a thing on my calendar to make sure there is time to actually get it done, not just add it to another To Do list (I do that too but at least I’m aware of the problem, right?)
The search has it’s foiables, as do we all, searching for partial words doesn’t work (neither do typos!) but searching for just part of a phrase does.

CalendarViewSwitching Views – this is great for a number of things, getting an overall view of a week rather than a day, or a month rather than just a week are obvious, what I love is being able to move things around by just dragging them, if you expand the view it’s a snip. iF YOU ARE LOOKING AT A WEEK, MOVING ITEMS MEANS CLICKING AND CHANGEING DATES AND SAVING, IF YOU ARE IN THE MONTH VIEW – JUST DRAG and drop, simple as that.

Make Recurring
– I love this one. I have a lot of events that happen monthly and weekly, this is a great time saver. Create your appointment/event and then check that little box that says Repeat. Choose your options then watch them propagate when you save. Deleting or changing these is a snap too. Google knows they are all connected and let’s you choose what to change.


CalendarTodayThis is my absolute FAV 🙂 – I often get lost in my calendar- I admit it – and yes you can go back and forth with those tiny little arrows but the TODAY button is like magic, back where I need to be to keep myself in track, hey presto, lickety split, etc.

Here’s a post from Mashable’s Amy-Mae Elliot with loads more tricks you may find invaluable.

Go for it J

One last thing. When does your week start? You’ll notice on images that show it I start my week on a Monday, I can’t tell you how many times this hangs me up when looking at other calendars that have the week start on Sunday. What’s that all about? Is this an English/British/European thing? Leave me a comment and share. Thanx.