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Another 2 answers in my “Questions About Social Media” series.

“How to keep up with all the changes?”
This is probably one of THE most asked questions. Honestly, there is no easy answer, especially if you are juggling many social media avenues and accounts spreading yourself thinly. My beginning advice, even to someone who already has a good handle on this is to pick the one Social Media outlet where there is a predominance of your audience and work that until you have it fully in your grasp. It’s mush easier to keep on top of changes if you are in yoru account everyday, you will notice those little tweaks and be able to stay abreast of things.

Social media on light bulb with colorful application iconWhen you add a 2nd and then 3rd account, keeping up to date becomes just another part of the work, another thing you do naturally like you do with your own profession, whatever that happens to be. A good way of keeping an eye on all the changes if to follow a tech savvy blog like Social Media Examiner and or Mashable and follow it, they will do the heavy lifting for you.

So the natural follow up questions is “How to choose which one?”
Simple answer – wherever your audience is! The more difficult question for you is “Do you know who they are?” and if so “Do you know where they are hanging out?” is it FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, FourSq, Tumblr, Instagram…

“How do you find them?” Research, Research, Research. Search using Hashtags, search for your keywords, find and following those people who do what you do, say what you are saying, see who their followers are. Obviously this is not an exhaustive list, it’s a place to start.

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