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Do you have questions about Social Media – LOL – of course you do.  How not, it changes, daily, hell, sometimes hourly.

“What one question about social media would be helpful to your business?”  I don’t even know how you might come up with just one, but I asked anyway.  Foolish of me? Possibly but what’s wondrous to me, you responded.  I love it, more fodder for me to be helpful to women in business.  And, to be honest, the first one I got was from a guy.  Yeah – thanks so much Gary for joining in the conversation.   I replied to Gary independently but there’s no reason not to be repetitious.

GraphUpBusinessQ –  What social media tools do I need to help me reach my business goals?

As you can see this is a VERY broad question, serves me right for asking for a broad spectrum of input doesn’t it.  Unfortunately, there is only one answer and that is – “it depends.”  Highly unsatisfactory and not at all helpful I know, but seriously it does!

My response to this can only be a whole other series of questions back at you.  What is your business? What are you providing or selling? What are those business goals? And, most importantly; Who is your target audience?  All of these have to be refined and defined before an answer, even a broad one, is possible.

I’m sorry to be so vague but heck, how long is a piece of string?