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WordPress Training.

If the WordPress dashboard menu is a mystery to you – then we offer straightforward training & documentation to get you on track for looking after your own administration.

Included in the agenda will be :

  1. How to backup your website so that you have an off-site copy.
  2. How to update WordPress
  3. How to update plug-ins & themes
  4. How to install and configure some security.

We can also cover content and images and basic  Search Engine Optimization
(but not all in one go – you’ll blow a gasket. 🙂

Here is what you will need on the day so you can get the most out of it.

  • Come prepared
  • Bring your laptop
  • You will need hosting details:
    • a link on your browser so you can go straight there
    • your login & password (goes without saying but we’ll say it anyway)
    • your administrator login to your WordPress website

How we will be prepared

  • we will have documentation for you to follow along with
  • we will have paper & pens if you need them

Bring along whatever else you think you will need to keep up your focus & strength 🙂

Ready to get started – contact us today or check out our ready made Maintenance Plans

Is this all a mystery to you?