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So, here’s the next question in the “What one question about social media would be helpful to your business?” series from Gina Berry

ReachEngagementIs it better to post items that get shared, or is it better to post “quality” content that doesn’t get as much reach or shares?

Well Gina, there’s not a yes/no right/wrong answer to this one, essentially you want both. Do you check your Facebook “Insights” to see what works best?   

You are aiming to get and keep followers, to do this you have to give them what they want, like and are willing to share with their peops because it’s good, important, useful, to them, and they feel it may have meaning for their contacts.  Variety and quality is your best bet to keep interest and therefore engagement, and if you can think about and use your keywords that will be great for SEO purposes too.