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Black Hole Representation - Courtesy of NASAAre you baffled by Pinterest, despite any attempt to explain it? Or are you using it for your business? How about something in between say, just dabbling? Even worse are you consumed by all it’s wonders and depth, getting lost in it’s black hole?

I’d like to say I use it professionally but I much prefer to wallow in the beauty of things I love and not worry about business so much. Is that wrong? I don’t know, even though I’m supposed to be an expert. What I do know is that it can and is being used VERY successfully by many businesses.

What’s the secret? The same answer as most web and social media questions – it’s all about the audience and the $6M question – is it your audience? Can you find, make and keep, that all important connection to people who are your potential clients and referrals, add to the joy, promote your business, and keep the site the treasure that it is. No – I don’t have stock (Is there some? Should I buy? Sorry, my digression alert just went off) I just enjoy Pinterest so much.

RedSoutache2Check out some of my boards and you’ll see what I mean. I especially enjoy the amazing Soutache creations. My own efforts pale in comparison though I’m proud to wear the jewelry I make.

Now back to business – here is a great post from the Social Media Examiner – 6 Ways to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Brand, great article whether you are a newbie or a black hole devotee!

Addendum added August 10th. I’m gaining some traction with my Pinterest for Business and have taken the step of now including my boards in my site (just the business stuff – my shoes and other fanaticisms are still on the personal page : )

Go for it.   J