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Phishing SCAM Alert: BOGUS Email Claiming Copyright Infringement

Once again my friends I bring you an example of the nastiness that can be the Internet for the unaware and unwary.

A client of mine recently received this email:
Copy Right Infringement Phishing Scam bogus emailThankfully they had the presence of mind both to send it on to me and to check before heeding any of the utter (but maybe believable!) nonsense contained in the message.

I hate this negativity however, like a parent, I have to bring the crappy intentions of others out into the daylight to try to protect those unsuspecting individuals who might click a link unthinkingly. In this instance the link was to a Google Sites account! (Yes we have reported it to Google.) They use these for ease and also to add a level of legitimacy to their ugly intentions.

I am grateful to my client both for bringing the email to my attention and for giving me this link to https://www.sangfroidwebdesign.com/hack-prevention/phishing-alert-fake-email-claiming-copyright-infringement/ and the great information Liz Eisworth has enumerated the variations this particular set of destructive entities are using.

I’m often asked “What is the Goal of things like this?” The basic answer, these trolls are looking (phishing) for information they might be able to use or sell. Without clicking on their link it’s unclear what they actually want here beyond their first goal of getting you scared enough to click the link – DON’T DO IT.

Do NOT be lulled into a false sense of security because you know you have anti-malware protection. Clicking that link may take you down a VERY expensive rabbit hole! Read Liz’s post to fully familiarise yourself with this one and please be mindful when checking your email in general.