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This is a question form Stephanie Noyes-Schmidt“How can I get my posts to show to more than just 5 or 6 of my 200 fans?”

Unfortunately Steph, the negative answer is not much!  However, here’s a couple of things you can you;

  • Un-HideFB-feedsIf you know specific people have turned off the feed you can ask them to turn you back on by reaching them in some other way, e.g. newsletter, face to face, a note on the back of your business card. (It’s quite likely that people have turned off their feed in the past and just need a nudge to turn you back on. Tell them you changed jobs/business or have something new to offer : )
  • Make sure to post relevant and useful information, to keep them interested and engaged. Show them expert status and personality, and why they should interact with you and your business.
  • Specifically ASK for interaction; Likes & Shares to attract a wider audience.

Stephanie, you have no control whatsoever over what other people see. That depends entirely on how they, the individual, choose to interact, share, follow, and view. The platform they are using and their privacy settings play a big part too. 

I have a mentoring package that can help you get a stronger grasp on this whole social media thing. I would love to sit and have a conversation.