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OMG – how could I let this one pass by without comment? Really. Chocolate, the darker the better when it comes to the bought stuff and I have to admit to being a bit of a choc-a-holic. If I don’t have any I’m fine, but I can’t open a bar or a block and not finish it or at least gorge myself if it’s one of those huge bars! or a chocolate orange or raspberry, mmmmmmm. Ooooops, digression alert just went off.

My reason for this post is to share something that’s a new discovery for me and, well, I’m speechless. (For those of you who know me that’s a rare occurrence indeed.) I can eat one piece of this stuff and be satisfied. Serioulsy, and there’s nobody more surprised by that than me. Anyway it’s Paleo Chocolate, or Primal Fudge, or Healthy Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge, whatever you want to call it I love it.

primalFudgePaleoI found it on Pinterest – oh and there’s another rabbit hole just waiting to gobble up your time – and once I tried it I really don’t think I’ll go back to shop bought chocolate. I prefer to make it with Almond Butter rather than peanut. I’ve also mixed and matched sweeteners by trying Agave Nectar but I prefer honey.

I’m not going to get into the whole idea of whether it’s healthy, or cheap, or not processed – I don’t care : ) You can choose for yourself how unprocessed, organic, or not, your ingredients are – just enjoy.

One caveat – unless your house is super cooled you’ll have to keep this stuff in the fridge or freezer! If you try to take it as a shared plate to a party you’ll just end up with paleo mush – Hmmmm paleo dipping chocolate – now that’s an idea!