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Why you need maintenance and security on your WP site

DaleksOK guys – Normally I would apologize for Scare Mongering – Sorry not this time. – the Daleks are already here!

This last two weeks I’ve had 6 businesses contact me to recover their websites from malicious software attacks. WordPress websites have been under attack for some time now but if you are not up to date with your WP installation and your plug-ins, and some security, you are ripe for their picking because they have stepped up the attacks exponentially.

So guys, talk to your hosting companies, talk to your web people, get on your own admin to get yourselves up to date and protected NOW.

Here are a couple of security plugins that you can add. Make sure you have site backups. Take the time to do this now, before it’s too late

iThemes Security (Better WP Security)
Last Resort – Anti-Malware (Get Off Malicious Scripts)

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