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Following on from Monday.   LinkedIn | Create your own Group.

MyLinkedInGroupsDoes that sound scary? I guess it depends (no, take that image out of your head, I did not use a capital letter) like everything else related to social media, it’s all about how much time you are prepared to put into this in order to leverage the potential for growth, community and connectivity.

Creating your own group will require some initial thought. Who do you want to attract? If you truly want to build community, ask yourself who is going to want to be part of this? Like-minded individuals, companies, non-profits, places of learning? How will you set the group up closed or open? How will you get the word out? How will you encourage engagement? Check out other similar groups to see how they do it. Set time aside on your calendar to manage this, then do it. There’s no cost beyond your time.

I’m repeating my words of caution:-
Don’t over-join or over-share – more is not usually better when it comes to LinkedIn. Think about the audience you have in this environment. Be a little circumspect in your content and input, be polite and respectful of time, as in – don’t waste mine 🙂 You will be appreciated.