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One of the best things you can do to leverage LinkedIn, and all your social media for that matter, is to make sure your profile is complete. No really, COMPLETE, or at least as far as is absolutely possible.

Janet Edkins, CEO

Janet Edkins, CEO

Make sure you enhance your profile with your pretty face. Again, really, people check profiles before they accept invitations or ask for connections. You know that old business saying… “people buy from those they know, like & trust.” Think connect instead of buy and your headshot makes a world of difference in the knowing & liking departments. Logos are great for branding the business but this is “social” media, person to person. This one action, loading your headshot, is going to make a huge difference. Personally, I rarely connect if there’s no pic. I have to be 100% certain I know an individual before connecting if there’s no pic.

Taking the time to complete your profile(s), even it it’s a few hours will pay for itself in responses and connections. I’d recommend making sure that your employment and educational history is fleshed out as much as possible. Pay particular attention to your ACCOMPLISHMENTS and AWARDS, people like that stuff and it shows skills and drive. If you or your company (‘brand’) have helped other people, organizations or companies, this is also a huge advantage in bonding with potential customers?  Everyone loves charity and good works, if you are doing it anyway why not brag on yourself a little?

If there is space for reviews or testimonials make sure you have some of them too? Ask for recommendations from trusted colleagues or customers as well. Did I overwhelm you already? I’m sorry, I know this is a lot but it will be worth it if you work it.

just do it. J