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How much has shifted & changed for you over the last 12 months? I’m not talking about the chaos, fear, regulations, restrictions. I’m finding that there’s been a shift in what people are saying. What people are looking for. The questions people are asking. There’s a sea change in the kinds of information and authenticity being sought out, questions on what more is out there beyond the status quo of modern, western medicine, capitalist economics, and different options for stress relief and wellness.

In the people I know this shift has taken many forms: changing food buying, cooking, & eating habits. Looking for holistic approaches to overall wellness/fitness. Options for relaxation beyond a bottle of wine and binge watching the box.

I believe there is, to employ another vastly overused term, “pent-up demand” for the skills, knowledge, & genuine heart centered abilities you have to offer. Whether you are a baker, a maker, a shaker, or an awakener, we can find a way together to get your truth out into this world wide search for new & better ways of being.

If you are seeing this post – “Know” that you are on the right track, following your intuition, and that you are ready for this next step. The Universe is showing up to support you in this decision.

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