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Direction KeysAre you being pulled in so many directions you feel as though you are flying apart?  Have you been listing to the “theys” of the world?   You know… “they say… fill in the blank!”  Everybody says you have to do all social media all the time – who has time?  I don’t and I’m sure you don’t.  What we need is a strategy; a game plan, a policy, a grand design.  Oh yes I can hear you loud and clear “and who has time to do that if we don’t have time to do everything else already!”

Well the answer is; if you take time out to make a plan now, you’ll save time on that other stuff in the long run.  If you feel you are spinning your wheels and being spread too thin, it’s likely that’s exactly your problem.

Where is your audience? Do your social thing with them. Pick the one most likely and stick with it for a least a couple of months to get some traction.  Be consistent, have a plan and some longer term ideas on what you want to say.  Once you are really comfy with these folks and you are getting feedback and taking measurements, then you can add the next thing where your next block of potential customers and listeners are.

So here’s my shameless self promotion – If you want help with all of this, remember I have a solution!   Give me a shout and let’s see if we can’t get you on track.

Just Do It.    J