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I don’t know about you but there are so many buzzwords that have come into the common vocabulary and then become stale, overused, and frankly a turn off, over the last 12 months. I think Pivot is one of those words, however, it does appear to grab people’s attention.

I looked up the dictionary definition and could not understand why Pivot had become so prominent, then I found this image. Courtesy of Shepherds Advantage Inc., “A change in Strategy without a change in Vision“. Made it make a whole lot more sense.

However and – I’d like to work with the word Refocus.

Calling all Entrepreneurs, Healers, Heart Centered businesses – Jay Designs can help you reorient your business with an online presence to refocus your market.

This is the time where entrepreneurial wisdom & ideas are needed. Where Heart Centered and Soulful businesses are being sought by so many people tired of the old system. You have something to say, wanted goods to sell, and much needed skills to offer. It’s time to share with the world, stand in the power of your message, stand up, and stand out.

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