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linkedin_purpleHere’s a question from Tammy Hardin – “How to best leverage Linked In for consumer business.”

I have to admit that I went to LinkedIn themselves for this one because the question itself was so specific. I’ll try not to quote them verbatim but their help and info is pretty good.

Groups was at the top of their list.   Groups… were established so people with similar jobs, interests, professions, industry and/or clients and audience could come together to share; ideas, concerns, interests, information, opportunities, and all that good stuff that happens on LinkedIn but in a place of connectedness specific to them.

Their top three were – Find Groups | Join Groups | Create your own Group.

Find – Hmm, I hear you ask “is there a tool for that?” Of course, it’s called “Group Directory” : )

So, if you can identify those Groups that have as existing members the kind of people you want to connect with, others in your industry or maybe potential clients, join the group and PARTICIPATE. Watch for questions you can answer. Create helpful and informative content such as articles or ‘how to’ snippets. Ask questions of the influencers in the group, make connections and be relevant.

A few words of caution:-
Don’t over-join or over-share – usually more is definitely not better. Be picky, find 1 or 2 groups where your content and input will be noticed and appreciated. Don’t post everyday, don’t bombard people with “offers”, don’t try to sell – this is not FB!

That’ all for today. Watch for the next one