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teaTowelI love these Tea Towels, “Drink Coffee, Do Stupid Things Faster With More Energy” – my good buddies over at White Fox Beads have this one.  LOL

As you can imagine I’m not promoting “stupid” things but I’m always looking for ways to work smarter not harder so I do rather like the idea of doing things faster with more energy.  When you are presented with a plethora of social media accounts, with all their settings, and etiquette and a learning curve, and who is your audience, and should I even be on here and how can I do it all faster and with more energy!!  I personally do partake of copious amounts of coffee but I favour tools too.

This post, from Zapier, lists 10 tools, called extensions, for the Chrome browser that can help with your productivity.  Whether you need time management help to go back to something later using Pocket, or Buffer for social sharing items that add to your value, you can get stuff done with these.  If you use Chrome, check em out and do it!      J