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FAQs & Jargon Busting

What is CMS?

CMSThe acronym stands for Content Management System. A computer program that allows for the publishing, editing, modifying and maintenance of content from one central point. A web content management system such as WordPress is an application used to create, manage, store and deploy content on Web pages. Web CMSs usually provide an interactive interface for the client to control the HTML-based content; pictures, videos or whatever that make up the body of their web pages. The control panel provided with web hosting is also a CMS.

What is hosting?

Hosting or web hosting requires the following: A web server – a machine like a PC but with much more space/memory and running special software. A connection to the internet that is open 24/7/365, and large enough to respond to information requests any time, no matter how many requests arrive at the same time. Sophisticated software security so that the files cannot be accessed maliciously by devious and malevolent hackers.

Could you do this yourself, sure, with some money and training and determination, but why give yourself that kind of hassle. Using a third party hosting provider is extremely cost effective and worry free for the most part.
A good web hosting company will provide at least the following services:

  • 24/7 support
  • A number of email accounts (i.e. You@YourDomainName.com)
  • Online control panel for managing your website (see – What is a CMS?)
  • Online traffic statistics (so you can see how much traffic your website receives)
  • A robust database management system, such as MySQL
Why do I need Hosting?

Simply put, you can’t have a website without!

In order to have a web site you need 3 things; a domain name, the files that form the website, and a place to store those files. That last part is the ‘hosting,’ and no matter how perfect the domain name is or how fantastic the web design is, if no one out in the world can access the URL, it’s all for naught. (These links to third parties are Affliate links for which we get paid. However, we do not recommend companies we do not use ourselves.)

Will I own my own Website?

Absolutely! If you work with Jay Designs you will have full control over, and access to, your domain name(s), any premium theme or plug-ins purchased, and your hosting. When we take care of these items for you they are purchased in your name. We believe; it’s your business, brand, and reputation, and it’s your lively hood, customer circle, and income – it should be under your control as a matter of basic business ethics.

How do I know my web site is working?

“Stats” are one way. Those are web traffic statistics not the “lies, damn lies and… ” kind. These can be gleaned from your hosting provider or we can add Google Analytics to your code so you can track page views & visits easily and check on your keywords.

Another way to track how well the site is doing is to track response rates. How many sign-ups did you get for your IFO (irresistible free offer), are sales increasing, are you getting more calls? You have to ask the questions 🙂

What does 'Responsive' mean?

Responsive websites adapt the site layout for both small and large screen devices whether that be a phone, tablet, netbook, notebook, laptop, or desktop!

Do you only work with women?

Not at all. We very much enjoy working with women business owners, but we also work with business owners and executive teams of all genders whose target markets include women.