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Organic_Reach_ChartI was disappointed to read this article on LinkedIn about the dramatic decline of organic reach for FaceBook brand posts.  I’ve known for some time that FaceBook was steering people back to the personal social and away from business, and that reach had declined to 16%.  Turns out I’m 2 years out of date! Present day numbers are way worse and falling dramatically.  More inks, with lots of other links, at the end.  I’m not going to quote verbatim but the numbers are going to keep dropping!
[gss-content-box color=”purple”]“Increasingly Facebook is saying that you should assume a day will come when the organic reach is ZERO.”[/gss-content-box]
At this point it would only be fair to my clients to tell them up front that yes your audience probably is on FaceBook but unless you are prepared to spend money on ads, your fans are not going to see your posts, and maybe not even then either. Yes, even if you spend money and many hours on content marketing strategies, great pieces, audience engagement, and participant stories!

LinkedIn were quoting Fractal Science – Facebook-is-throttling-marketers-for-their-own-good

And they were quoting from AdAge – Facebook-reach-crashed-october