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Can you believe there’s a day for this? Ha-Ha.

In this amazing age of technology that can be smarter than you, 11 year olds who can text faster than the best typist could ever type (oh lord now I’m showing my age!), social media, MMORPG, your own library on your ‘pad’; it’s improbable to imagine that you are not just a wee bit geeky, if not more so.

We can’t avoid it, and believe me I used to try. You cannot imagine the depth of my embarrassment the first time on a plane with my brand new smart phone! This is not just an urban legend, you can ask my husband. With a seriously glaring and aggravated flight attendant standing over me, the 10 year old in the seat in front had to help me turn the phone off completely.

Those promoting this day say “Don’t fight it; jump head first into Embrance Your Geekness Day and show the world how intelligent, technically savvy and clever you really are!” Get on board with me, if I can do it you sure can.

Geek_PrideThere is a Geek Pride day, it’s May 25th. Now that day is for the serious geeks; the coding wizards, network gurus, hackers of every strip. July 13th is more for the likes of you and I, getting our arms and minds around a need for Geekness we never imagined.

Go for it – J