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Youtube_256x256Do you make videos? Do you load them to YouTube? Are they awesome? 🙂 Yeah, I’m sure they are, the question is, can they be found by your customers and will your business be recognized?

That question has two parts, so following my own rules about posts, I’ll address one here and then do a folllow-up. (He-He, did you see that cunning move to get you to come back for more? Scroll down and subscribe to the blog and receive email when new posts come out.)

Being recognized – it’s all about branding. I will assume your website, business card and Facebook page are in harmony (if not we need to talk), my point is that the look and feel of all your social media needs to be in harmony (congruent), including your YouTube Channel. OK, so that’s actually any number of assumptions about what you did and do but I’m just going to plow on and let you ask questions later if I’ve zoomed over your current situation.

So you have videos on YouTube? Are they scattered willy-nilly or gathered in one place because you set up your “channel.” Great, good, super, did you customize it to be instantly recognizable by adding “channel art?” If not, your peops will be looking at this and they may not even stay to watch!


youTubeJDA full profile or set up is as important on YouTube as it is for any other of your social media accounts. You should add as much info as you can to the About section, making sure to add links and other social profiles. I think the one piece of info that might be really useful here is for to you to know how big that channel art image needs to be to look good – 2560 x 1440 px. Yes that is large, once you get into YouTube you will realize why – they are showing this stuff on TV!

If you don’t have something like Photoshop you will likely need software to make your background image large enough. Here are a couple of links to IrfanView (Shareware) or GIMP (Freeware), you could use either of these to make your images larger. GIMP also gives you tools to add text but it’s not a particularly intuitive set up so you could just take your large image into PicMonkey or LunaPic. Make sure your text is centered – you’ll see why when you load the finished item to YouTube.

Please feel free to ask questions by leaving me a comment, I’d be happy to expand and/or walk back on any of those outrageous assumptions 🙂

Go for it – J