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I love colour! Yes I know you think I spelt that wrong but I’m still a Brit a heart even if I’m an American Citizen now.

ColorLap-Designs-seeds.comYou all know I love purple – just look around the page, but I love all colours and I absolutely love this Pinterest Board that I found from Cyndi Papia, such an inspiration. She has gathered together the colour palettes from Design Seeds (like the one left) all into one amazing place. For any of you looking for a re-branding or logo idea I think this is the place to be. There’s an enormous wealth of ideas here, just find a picture that speaks to your heart then get the colour scheme – simple.

I know you imagine I would choose all the lavender and violet schemes but honestly some of my favs are not even in that range.  Check out the giraffe tones, the tiger and the feathered tones, spring lily, oh and Santorini, exquisite 🙂  I’m gushing, I’ll stop now.

It’s tough for me to imagine that there is not something on that board for everyone but – you know who you are – there’s always one. So here’s the answer for you. Find that one stunning image that is your absolute favorite. There are any number of places to find great pics *. Find one that speaks to your heart or maybe even better, speaks to the heart of your audience (you are doing this for them after all) and pick your colours from there. Don’t have the software – well Jay Designs to the rescue of course. That should go without saying but I see no reason to miss out on some shameless self promotion!

One last tidbit – a couple of other places to look for your ideal colour combinations; Paletton & Canva – enjoy.

2nd Tidbit – added July 11th – just found this great post from Melanie Chandler at Vieo Design – How to Choose Colors for Your Brand. (from Pinterest!) Remember it’s always about your audience 🙂

Go for it – J

* Places to find images: Pixabay, Morgue Files, Unsplash