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I found this great quote, well at least it is for me!

Opportunity dances with those already on the dance floor – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


We are not normally this serious when Cha-chaing! Chris might be singing along.

Those of you who know me know I love dancing as much as I love shoes!  For those of you just now meeting me, here’s a somewhat ‘cute’ pic of me and my other half tripping the light fantastic.  Actually I think we are doing the cha-cha but no matter.

The questions is: Do you have your dancing shoes on, on the floor ready for opportunities? I know, I’m sorry, too heavy on the metaphors.  But seriously, is your business ready? There are people looking for what you do, your services and products, and they are looking on-line.  81% of people research online before buying, and that’s not just for products.

If your business does not yet have a website or a blog, or some kind of social media presence, you are definitely not on the  dance floor of opportunity with your prospects. All those excuses, like; not enough time, interest, knowledge, or budget, pale in comparison to the potential losses from your lack of presence.  I know it’s not easy to stand out in such an enormous crowd as is currently presented on the web, but you can’t even take the first ‘measures’ if you are not on the floor in any form.

You have questions, everyone does, ask us, you’ll like the answers, in English not Geek 🙂