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Hit List Framework

OK, just so I’m clear, not talking mob hits here! This is my ‘hit list’ by way of a blog “framework,” “how to” thing. And no, it’s not about a layout, theme or template in terms of look and feel and colors. If you are blogging already you have that, even if it’s simple. This is my list of things that are optimal to include in any one blog post.

  1. Top of the list is always a “Compelling Title.” What the heck, you may well ask, is that? You guessed it, as always, my answer’s…it depends. You know that answer, and if you know any of my other stuff you will know that it is always all about YOUR audience, what is compelling to them? You are writing to them, you want them to read the fantastic offering you put together just for them. If your title doesn’t grab them, how likely are they to read further?
  2. Now you got ‘em. The purpose of your first paragraph is to keep ‘em! Don’t waffle, get to the point or premise of your post so they know it’s relevant to them. If you take too long to get there, they may leave.
  3. Images! Well at least one. People are visual creatures. I don’t know who said “a picture’s worth a Blogging6pointList1000 words” but I do know that the human brain processes image thousands of times faster than words! So why not combine the two and get more bang for your buck on the pics? Choose a relevant image then add your title. If you want to be ambitious and/or are using Pinterest for Business you might want to also use an infographic (they are all the rage) or try using two images where one is specifically designed for use on the Pinterest layout taller than wide! Remember that you don’t always have to use bought images, there are places to get free stock, you can always use a screen grab from something of your own, and also think YouTube. Videos go down well and can be played straight from FaceBook & Pinterest!
  4. Everything up to this point is basically just an introduction because what you really want now is to give ’em what you told ’em this was about – right? As you can see this post is a numbered list, with bold bits, to make my point in an easily accessible and scannable way. Bullets and short paragraphs work just as well. The aim is for ease of reading so the point is made not lost.
    I left these last 2 to last cos they are not vital they are suggestions to encourage engagement. And again, it’s about your audience.

  6. One thing that helps you to connect with people is a personal fact or snippet, I often start with saying how I got the idea for a post, or perhaps a mistake I might have made, or something somebody said to me like a genuine question from a client. Sometimes I’m just honest and say “I don’t know”, or “I’m not an expert.” Many times I say I got the idea from another list or blogger and I make sure to cite and link to their piece. The thing is we want honesty and transparency. It’s a critical part of blogging and connecting with your readers.
  7. This last one can be very effective but I realize not always relevant to your peops – try ending your post with a question or just a simple invitation for comments and feedback.

So wrapping this one up for today, sorry, seem to have been a little windy on this one; be specific, have a topic, make a catchy title, say what you are going to say, say exactly what have to say, then wrap it all up with the pretty bowness of a great image, simple – right! Oh and one last link – just in case this is all completely baffling to you and you don’t even know why you should write a blog!