Why NOT to use a neighbor, friend, or child, to build your business website.

People, you know me - this subject’s near and dear to my heart so I’ll just come out and say it – if you are serious about your business and it's not just a hobby, you need to pay a professional to des … [Read more...]

Why you should write a blog

So on the assumption (I know, you’re not supposed to) that my readers today are business owners – I wanted to talk about the ‘Why’ of having a blog. It’s work, it’s one more thing (actually several mor … [Read more...]

National Orange Blossom Day

No reason for today's post at all beyond sharing some joy :) I saw this on the list of "National Days" and was enchanted. I love flowers, they feed my soul and my creativity. They lift me up and clear … [Read more...]

Are you on Twitter?

Do you keep up with all the updates? Have you updated to the new profile layout yet? Do you even go look at your page as others see it or do you use a management tool?  Well guys, in case you didn't … [Read more...]

Is Pinterest an Enigma to you?

Are you baffled by Pinterest, despite any attempt to explain it? Or are you using it for your business? How about something in between say, just dabbling? Even worse are you consumed by all it's … [Read more...]