Do You YouTube?

Do you make videos? Do you load them to YouTube? Are they awesome? :) Yeah, I'm sure they are, the question is, can they be found by your customers and will your business be recognized? That … [Read more...]

Embrace your Geekness!

Can you believe there's a day for this? Ha-Ha. In this amazing age of technology that can be smarter than you, 11 year olds who can text faster than the best typist could ever type (oh lord now … [Read more...]

Colour Galore!

I love colour! Yes I know you think I spelt that wrong but I'm still a Brit a heart even if I'm an American Citizen now. You all know I love purple - just look around the page, but I love all … [Read more...]

National Chocolate Day

OMG - how could I let this one pass by without comment? Really. Chocolate, the darker the better when it comes to the bought stuff and I have to admit to being a bit of a choc-a-holic. If I don't … [Read more...]

Do you take the weekend off?

As a small business owner and my own boss I have a tendency to be a bad boss! I regularly work at some point over the weekend but I still often forget to check in on Facebook and other social media! I … [Read more...]