REAL Managed WordPress Solutions

Website maintenance tends to be one of the most overlooked items on a business owners “to do” list, with potentially devastating results.

Don't wait until Google does this to your business - Attack Page Warning

Don’t wait until Google does this to your business!

Don’t wait until Google does this to your business!

This is REAL WordPress management, not just server and database access management. Yes you need that, because of the way WordPress works – you also have to keep WordPress, your Theme and ALL you plugins up to date as one of the measures to keep out the wretched hackers. In addition there are steps to be taken to ‘harden’ your site against potential threats, early warning systems to alert you to needed updates and hacking attempts. Do you have the time, the know how or the systems to monitor your site continuously?

The good news is – WE DO!

Monthly Maintenance Retainers with Jay Designs take the worry out of your WordPress® website upkeep. Application and plug-in updates are vital to the health and security of your site and therefore your business. If you need regular changes to time sensitive items, classes, events, meetings, etc., we can take care of that too. You concentrate on your business, the things you do best, and let us take care of the rest.

We offer personal service, sound advice and reliable maintenance—these are the hallmarks of Jay Designs. We pride ourselves on our customer service and turnaround times. We understand that if you need to update your site you need that now, not two or three months from now!

1   Set-up includes installation and configuration of back-up processes and security plug-ins, as required.
2   Server monitoring ONLY applies to Jay Designs Hosting clients.
3   Tier Two includes: moderate regular content changes, updates and additions to external links, and moderate media updates such as video & photo gallery additions (max 10).
4   The Tier Three solution includes, but is not limited to, page and widget content changes, updates and additions to external links, media uploads, photo gallery changes and additions, new page additions and menu updates. A complete site theme revision is also included at the 2 year anniversary.
5   Jay Designs Inc is NOT RESPONSIBLE for website integrity or any site failures following WordPress, Theme and/or Plugin updates.