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Social media is a vital part of any business these days, right. But that doesn’t mean you have to follow the herd with the “have to do everything all the time” mentality. What you want to achieve with social media is to expand your customer potential by engaging with people, getting out your particular message to your niche.

Are you maximizing your business potential through social media?
Want to do but don’t have the time or inclination?
Social media Speech Bubbles

Here are a few of the things we hear almost daily:

  • How do I know which social media to work on
  • How can I figure out what to post, what people like, when to put it out there
  • How can I ever find the time to learn this stuff and then do it.

Social media is a huge part of our Web Mentoring service and you can do this yourself. So what if you don’t want to? What if you could realize the benefits of doing what you do best and letting someone else do the heavy lifting on the web stuff?

Done-For-You Social Media Services

Evaluation – we will start out with an in-depth conversation to determine; your current social media situation and the state of your website, your audience (the who and where), and how we can aim for the most bang for your buck.

What to expect next would be some or all of these:
Strategy Session
– an action plan needs to be in place to work toward long-term success. Strategy and analytics need to be reviewed and tweaked, suggest quarterly, so we can do more of what works and help you measure your results and sales.

Account Setup and Branding – we can make sure you are on the appropriate SM sites and that your branding is congruent.

Recognition is essential. If your web images and profiles are not in harmony visitors may get confused about the who and what of your business. They need to see a consistent message, look and feel before they will even consider engaging, they have to feel they know you for engagement to take place and for calls to action to have any chance of working.

Done-For-You Posting – we will set up an appropriate schedule for posting and monitoring responses.

We can post inspirational or informational content that centers round YOUR unique message, products and services. The focus is to initially increase readership and “engagement,” and add or improve lead capture and name recognition. This builds potential for selling your products and services.

If you want this done & you’re not the right person for the job,