To Do or Not To Do – that is the Q

Saw this on Pinterest (HTML Tips) and it reminded me that I've been intending to write about new standards and ‘fads’ on the Internet generally, and here specifically the opening of links (hyperlinks) … [Read more...]

How to Write a Blog

Actually, it’s more along the lines of how I write my blog, but what the hey. This is a blog, and I do write it, and I do have some general guidelines that I follow. So here goes: I try to keep my p … [Read more...]

Colour Galore!

I love colour! Yes I know you think I spelt that wrong but I'm still a Brit a heart even if I'm an American Citizen now. You all know I love purple - just look around the page, but I love all … [Read more...]

Why NOT to use a neighbor, friend, or child, to build your business website.

People, you know me - this subject’s near and dear to my heart so I’ll just come out and say it – if you are serious about your business and it's not just a hobby, you need to pay a professional to des … [Read more...]

Why you should write a blog

So on the assumption (I know, you’re not supposed to) that my readers today are business owners – I wanted to talk about the ‘Why’ of having a blog. It’s work, it’s one more thing (actually several mor … [Read more...]

Jargon and Asumptions!

Everyone in business has their own form of jargon and such a familiarity with what they do it becomes easy to forget that others do not share that particular jargon, they of course have their own. I … [Read more...]

Maintenance & Security on WP

Why you need maintenance and security on your WP site OK guys – Normally I would apologize for Scare Mongering – Sorry not this time. – the Daleks are already here! This last two weeks I’ve had 6 … [Read more...]

An Ideal Length (social media content)

I recently shared a Social Media Examiner post called “The Ideal Length for Blog Posts, Tweets, and Everything Else in Your Marketing” on Facebook. It’s all about the optimal length for things you do i … [Read more...]