What is “inbound marketing?”

The new buzz words on everyone's lips, true.┬á But like all jargon - what does it mean? As I'm often heard to say "LIKING is Lovely - COMMENTS are Cool - SHARING IS STUPENDOUS!" "Inbound … [Read more...]

My Top 5 Google Calendar Tips

Google Calendar has many features and they are all useful, what I love is how much you can customize what you do with it to fit your needs and those of your business here are MY TOP 5. The thing to … [Read more...]

Embrace your Geekness!

Can you believe there's a day for this? Ha-Ha. In this amazing age of technology that can be smarter than you, 11 year olds who can text faster than the best typist could ever type (oh lord now … [Read more...]

National Chocolate Day

OMG - how could I let this one pass by without comment? Really. Chocolate, the darker the better when it comes to the bought stuff and I have to admit to being a bit of a choc-a-holic. If I don't … [Read more...]