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Blog “Hit List”

OK, just so I'm clear, not talking mob hits here! This is my 'hit list' by way of a blog “framework,” "how to" thing. And no, it's not about a layout, theme or template in terms of look and feel and co … [Read more...]

To Do or Not To Do – that is the Q

Saw this on Pinterest (HTML Tips) and it reminded me that I've been intending to write about new standards and ‘fads’ on the Internet generally, and here specifically the opening of links (hyperlinks) … [Read more...]

What is “inbound marketing?”

The new buzz words on everyone's lips, true.  But like all jargon - what does it mean? As I'm often heard to say "LIKING is Lovely - COMMENTS are Cool - SHARING IS STUPENDOUS!" "Inbound … [Read more...]

How to Write a Blog

Actually, it’s more along the lines of how I write my blog, but what the hey. This is a blog, and I do write it, and I do have some general guidelines that I follow. So here goes: I try to keep my p … [Read more...]