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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEJay Designs Inc QR codeApril 4, 2013
Contact: Janet Edkins

Jay Designs Inc. Celebrates 10+ Successful Years
as a Woman-Owned Tech Business

Web Mentoring for Small Businesses Creates Special Tech Niche

Knoxville, TN – In October, 2014, Janet Edkins and her company Jay Designs Inc. will have been developing websites for small businesses for 12 years. An updated website has been launched to showcase the company’s mission essential services – web mentoring and custom web design.  In addition to just building and managing websites for small business owners, through the web mentoring service, Jay Designs Inc. enables clients to understand how to manage their website and social media for themselves if they want to do that.  “Our goal is to give you an independent web presence, to give you control over that part of your business,” says Edkins.

Edkins has come a long way from being the office worker in Sheffield, England in 1998 when she followed her husband and his career to Texas. In Dallas, she began her American education, finishing with a Web Certificate after moving to Chicago.  Her fledgling business began with just a few Chicago clients in 2002, before Janet and her husband came to Knoxville in 2003. In 2011, they became U.S. citizens.

Although she started working on websites in the days of hand-coded HTML, Edkins now builds customized WordPress sites for small business owners. As she worked with more and more clients, the repeating theme was that customers didn’t know what they didn’t know or what they needed to know to even begin the web process.  That is why she decided to develop the web mentoring service.

During an initial consulting session as she works to determine what sort of website the client wants and needs, she says fear often erupts, “When they find out what they need to know, and it sounds to them like tech, they get scared to death that they won’t be able to understand.”

That’s where Edkins web mentoring comes into play. She has a several methods she employs, depending on the needs and level of understanding of the client.

  1. With all of her clients, she reduces the technical jargon to understandable, layman’s language.
  2. She works at the client’s pace, doing and coaching them through only as much as the client can take on board.
  3. If the client is overwhelmed, she breaks projects down into manageable chunks.

This can encompass the site, the content, and the training and mentoring.  This can mean starting with a basic blog and then building out the site, or the site first and then the blog, then social media, depending on the client needs and comfort level with their skills.

Clients continue to tell Edkins that the mentoring service is needed and it works:

Jay Designs will assess your needs and advise accordingly. Janet is uniquely honest and demonstrates high integrity, I recommend Janet and her company to any business needing a web designer, knowing that they will get the best service and advice possible. Karen Dwyer, Jewelry Artisan

The training was excellent, especially for one so ‘technologically challenged’ Sissy Caldwell

Janet really took extra time with me to educate me and work within my means…Jay Designs is the first thing I think of when people are talking about taking the cyber leap! Denae Oglesby

Why take on this teaching role? According to Edkins, “A lot of small business owners are so scared of technology that they are prepared to listen to whatever anyone tells them.  I want people to be able to make a more informed decision.”

Edkins says there are many, many companies that can build a website very well but that’s all they do. She wants to do more for the small business owner who has limited time and resources.

Jay Designs Inc. We speak English, not Geek.

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